The Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) is proposing to change its original decision to re-include galvanized tubes as goods covered by the measure, as it has since been established that this product is manufactured in the UK. The reason for this is explained in a report on the TRA’s public record.

Galvanized tubing (unthreaded WTP plated or zinc coated) is used for a variety of purposes, including construction uses such as scaffolding posts. If implemented, the change would mean that imports of this product would be subject to a tariff imposed at the border, along with other types of welded pipe covered by this measure.

The TRA’s anticipated recommendation is posted on the public record on October 12 and will be available for 14 days for interested parties to review the findings. The TRA will then make its final recommendation to the Secretary of State for International Trade.

Initial measurement survey

In August 2021, the TRA recommended to the Secretary of State for International Trade that the UK continue to apply anti-dumping duties to imports from China and Belarus, but not to imports from Russia. Indeed, TRA’s analysis revealed that if the measures were removed, producers in Belarus and China would be likely to dump these products in the future and cause injury to UK industry, but not Russian producers. The TRA also recommended that the description of the goods to which anti-dumping should apply be amended to exclude one of the four product types covered by the measure, as it was not manufactured in the UK. This recommendation was accepted by the Secretary of State for International Trade.

A domestic steel producer subsequently asked the TRA to reconsider its recommendation and provided new data to the TRA for consideration as part of its investigation. Reviews are an integral part of the UK tax system, and many different branches of government incorporate them as part of their standard operating procedures. They are one of the main ways companies can continue to make their case once a decision that affects them has been made.

The TRA review covered the same mandate as the original transition review. It considered, within the rules laid down in the UK regulatory framework and the underlying World Trade Organization obligations, whether its original recommendation was correct. As part of this process, the TRA reviewed all relevant documents, including additional information provided by interested parties.

Background information

  • The Trade Remedies Authority is the UK body responsible for investigating the need for new trade remedies to counter unfair import practices and unforeseen import surges. Learn more about TRA’s mission in its business plan.
  • The TRA is an independent agency of the Department of International Trade (DIT) launched on June 1, 2021. Prior to its launch, it operated as the Trade Remedies Investigations Directorate (TRID) of the DIT.
  • Trade remedy investigations were carried out by the European Commission on behalf of the UK until the UK left the EU. Forty-four EU trade remedy measures of interest to UK producers were transposed into UK law when the UK left the EU and the TRA is currently reviewing each of them to determine whether they are suitable for the needs of the UK. UK.
  • The measure on welded pipe and pipe was the first of these measures to be reviewed and the TRA review was completed in August 2021.
  • UK industries concerned about imports can also submit new trade remedy requests from January 2021. These requests are reviewed by the TRA to determine if there are grounds for investigation.