Henry Bodmer, Kenmare

This week, Ward County sent out the proposed property tax levies for 2021. While most items such as school levy, municipal levy, municipal levy, etc. were roughly the same as last year, the proposed county levy is huge. 18% increase. While the part of County Bonds that caused this huge increase can only be resolved through further investigation of the proposed budget, part of the answer was revealed in the photo of the Minot Daily News front page of the 8 September. The photo was of a local citizen arguing over the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution.

It seems that the county commissioners are wasting their time and our money debating the 2nd Amendment which is a responsibility of the federal government and not the prerogative of the county commissioners. Any attempt to override federal law was made clear by President Andrew Jackson in 1832 when he said he would suspend (from the first tree he could find) any South Carolinian who refused to apply federal tariffs. .

Commissioners should devote their time and effort to managing county roads, bridges, and other things useful to county citizens instead of debating what they have no control over.

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