SANTA MONICA, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Agile, the simple CRM for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace teams, today announced its partnership with Trust network, a web design agency and custom software developer for leading independent real estate brokerage firms. Trust network provides many of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands with designer websites, marketing automation and CRM.

Nimble CRM Customizes Real Estate Sales Awareness to Help Close Business

Trust network helps real estate agents build designer websites, as well as capture and nurture leads from a variety of sources. Nimble is an award-winning CRM that makes it easy to build and maintain customer relationships by creating rich, automatically enriched contact records. All calendar communications and appointments are automatically tracked and can be accessed in agent inboxes, cell phones and anywhere on the Internet through Nimble’s inbox and browser extensions.

“We set out to find a state-of-the-art CRM for our experienced users that is easy to use, personal and flexible. What we have discovered is Nimble and its ability to provide enrichment for commercial prospects which transforms each agent’s database into an engine of commercial prospecting ”, said Sean McRae, CEO of the Reliance network. “Reliance Network + Nimble is a joint effort to help every agent and team generate more lead opportunities, cultivate stronger relationships and achieve their GCI goals in less time. ”

Agile CRM enables a more personalized approach to engaging leads acquired through the Reliance Network platform by enriching contact records with the business information needed to send highly targeted and traceable emails at scale while appearing as personalized communication individual sent from work / personal email address.

Boost the growth of your real estate business with Nimble + Reliance Network

Unify contacts – Nimble builds and updates itself automatically by combining contacts from all platforms into a single unified relationship manager enriched with the business information needed to take action.

Enrich prospects – Nimble enriches prospects discovered through Reliance Network with details about who they are, where they work, where they are from, their interests and their full social profile.

Access CRM anywhere – Nimble provides easy access to all important contact information right from the inbox, anywhere on social media or the web, as well as in cloud-based apps.

Prospecting new prospects smarter, better and faster – Nimble automatically captures new leads from anywhere on the web and syncs them with Reliance to make the most of every opportunity.

Leverage email marketing, group tracking and analytics – With Nimble, it is much easier to nurture relationships with leads acquired through Reliance Network by sending personalized and traceable outreach to groups or individuals based on targeted segments built using social information and commercial.

Manage your sales pipeline successfully – Nimble users can create unlimited pipelines and focus on reporting to track opportunities discovered through Reliance Network.

Stay up to date with an intuitive relationship dashboard – Nimble’s Today page dashboard allows individuals and teams to analyze their sales pipeline, tasks, calendar appointments and track priorities to build relationships with the most popular contacts. important.

“The best real estate agents look for leads before they commit to better prepare to meet client needs. Unfortunately, most agents don’t prepare because it’s too much work ”, mentionned Jon Ferrara, CEO and Founder of Nimble. “Nimble helps Reliance network real estate agents close more business by making business development and engagement fun and easy! “

“I needed a CRM that would help me ensure that all of my important Reliance real estate contacts and their information were in one place to help me ensure proper and timely follow-up. Nimble not only does that, but it also finds additional social and contact information for my contacts ”, mentionned Jason Decker, real estate agent at RE / MAX United.

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Join Nimble’s Free Webinar to Learn More

Join Nimble’s next webinar to find out how Nimble can be a great addition to users’ Reliance Network accounts and help real estate agents sell more!

How to get started with Reliance Network + Nimble

Reliance will need to activate Nimble in the Reliance account. Please visit this page submit an account activation request.

Once Nimble is activated, Nimble will appear in the account menu. There is a monthly fee for using Nimble with Reliance which will be paid directly to Nimble.

Not a Reliance Network real estate client? Try Nimble free for 14 days!

For those who do not yet have a Nimble account, new customers are welcome to try it free for 14 days.

Stay tuned for more product announcements as Nimble evolves into the best CRM for MS 365 and Google Workspace teams!

ABOUT NIMBLE – Nimble is the leading global provider of simple and intelligent CRM for small business teams using Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. It combines the strength of traditional CRM, classic contact management, social media, business intelligence, pipeline management and marketing automation into one powerful relationship manager that provides valuable insight into the business. business and contacts, wherever you are. Nimble was named “Industry leading CRM for customer satisfaction and ease of use“For nine consecutive years, CRM Watchlist Winner for three consecutive years, and # 1 Business intelligence tool for customer satisfaction by G2 Crowd for the ninth consecutive time.

ABOUT THE RELIANCE NETWORK – Reliance Network is a privately-held marketing and software engineering company based in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Reliance Network takes great pride in being 100% Made in America, delivering meticulous design standards and exceptional reliability for its customer base websites and marketing automation systems. Today, Reliance Network powers over 200 of the top independent luxury and full-service real estate brokers through over 700 MLS advice. Reliance Network’s services cover the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and resort communities in Mexico and Central America with natural language translation and support for over 20 of the world’s major currencies. Learn more about Reliance Network here:

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