Much of the mortgage and real estate news these days continues to revolve around persistently low rates and the tight housing market. Major Bankrate Stories further highlight these trends this week.

1. The buyer regrets, he has some

Those who are struggling to close a real estate transaction can take comfort in the fact that even successful buyers aren’t always happy. A new survey by Bankrate and YouGov reveals that millennial homebuyers, in particular, are likely to have remorse about their purchase, especially due to unforeseen costs. Meanwhile, potential buyers from a minority continue to struggle to enter the market.

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2. What you need to know about inflation

Inflation has jumped above 4% these days – about a percentage point above the 30-year average mortgage rate. It’s an unusual reversal for these two parameters, but what does this mean for mortgages?

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3. The ridiculous pace of home sales

High demand and low inventories mean that real estate transactions move in an unusually fast fashion. In April, properties were on the market for an average of 32 days across the country. Wichita had the fastest average sales schedule last month, with ads averaging just 12 days.

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4. Forbearance protected the market in addition to the owners

One of the main reasons there was no housing collapse as the economy fell last year was the government’s generous abstention policy. Millions of homeowners are taking a break from mortgage payments, giving families extra wiggle room in their monthly budgets in a time of great financial uncertainty. Other factors have contributed to the current housing boom, of course, but the forbearance floor underlies much of current conditions.

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5. A wave of mortgage complaints

The Office of Consumer Financial Protection reported a significant increase in mortgage complaints in March, largely linked to poor communication from lenders as homeowners came out of forbearance. For homeowners, being proactive is essential if your financial situation is smooth. Contact your lender early and often and make sure you’re on the same page with your situation.

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