Social contact is what makes us human, along with other less important factors. Active socialization has been the backbone and engine of evolution. The advent of social media has changed the way we interact with ourselves.

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For twenty years after the advent of the first social media platforms, socialization has increasingly turned to digital. Half of the world’s 7.7 billion people are on social platforms, with over 70% of the total US population with social media accounts, regardless of age, totaling 232 million people.

In tune with this universal trend, a new workforce has emerged: models, influencers, and other social media specialists such as copywriters, SEO copywriters, etc. They live off social platforms. And they must be taken into account and protected.

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Despite the seemingly safe nature of the profession, this new-age workforce is still prone to injuries that could render them unable or temporarily unfit to perform their digital duties. An injury that may be insignificant to the average person is magnified when a model, influencer, or celebrity is involved. A new branch of law had emerged to meet this niche demand, with an injury lawyer in Los Angeles leading the pack. Introducing lawyer David Yerushalmi of Yerushalmi Law Firm, a law firm specializing in influencer injuries.

The influence of influencers on our minds and habits is enormous: we are making more and more decisions about what to wear, read, listen, eat, travel, etc., based on information on social networks. . Hence the role of influencers. Yet very few lawyers and insurance companies realize the effect that the presence of social media can have on the value of personal injury claims. As a result, influencers and role models are often at a disadvantage when their injury cases are handled without considering the details.

Yerushalmi Law Firm is the reference law firm for such cases; he treats each case by understanding the pressure each model or influencer has to live with to be their best every day. A minor bruise or cut, something an ordinary person might not even notice, can put an influencer or model out of work for days and starve of income. A historical analogy best underscores the role of the Yerushalmi law firm in handling influencer injury cases.

The last son of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, Alexis, born in 1904, suffered from hemophilia. Any bruises or cuts were potentially fatal for him. One man who could stop the bleeding with his hypnotic power was the infamous monk Rasputin. Rasputin became a dominant influence at the royal court thanks to this unique approach to bodily injury.

The above does not mean that influencers face a deadly threat, but one thing is undeniable: To protect their careers, a unique approach is needed that David’s company is able to provide. His academic background testifies to his professionalism. David graduated in the top five of his class from the University of Southern California and went on to attend Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York City.

He got acquainted with influencers, models and other creatives from an early age. Her first professional meeting with an influencer involved in an accident was right after graduation. David quickly seized the opportunity to settle for a large amount for his client. Since this first case, he has been dealing with the personal injury cases of influencers.

“I can take this human story and take it to the insurance company and show them what a jury would see in this case is more than a broken arm or a little burn, it’s a woman or a man.” whose life has been affected. David said. With a “no win no fee” guarantee and its record winning rate in influencer injury settlements, the risk to clients is almost nonexistent.

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