Cases filed Nov. 15-19 in Gregg County Civil Court. Cases that end with an “A” have been filed in the 188th District Court; “B” in the 124th District Court; and “CCL2” in the county court to Law 2:

2021-2034-B Mall At Longview LLC v. Quy Trong Ta and Tuyen Thi Thanh Phan, rental agreement

2021-2046-B Ki’Untrez O’Quinn v. Paxton Boyd, Automotive Injury / Bodily Injury

2021-2054-B Community Loan Servicing LLC v. Kenneth Jackson Knight III, Wendy Combs, lien foreclosure

2021-2068-B Johnson, William v. Lakey, Eric, petition for deposition under Rule 202

2021-2075-B Ex parte EGE, deletion of records

2402-H State of Texas v. Alejandro Rosales, habeas corpus

2021-2045-A LVNV Funding LLC v. Keith Hayes, breach of contract

2021-2053-A Filiberto Hernandez, Cristina Hernandez and Yaneth Cedillo Chavez, et al. v. Fred Douglas Haffner, bodily injury / automobile damage

2021-2063-A Rachel Dee Rankin v. Christopher Sneigoski, automobile injury / bodily injury

2021-2082-A In re: Dixie Stevenson, requesting a deposition from PetSmart Inc., petitioning to make a deposition under Rule 202

2401-H State of Texas v. Brittany Austin, habeas corpus

2403-H State of Texas v. Rodney Atkinson, habeas corpus

2404-H Ex parte Antwone Jamell Rugley, writ of habeas corpus

2021-2030-CCL2 State of Texas v. heirs or legatees unknown to Lodella McGrede et al., conviction

2021-2036-CCL2 Stacey Watson v. Harvey Leeray Barr, auto injury / bodily injury

2021-2040-CCL2 Ashley Buchanan v. Ambree Thompson et al., Automotive Injury / Bodily Injury

2021-2048-CCL2 Pieter Rossouw c. Leatha Brandt, bodily injury / damage

2021-2050-CCL2 Rosemary Rodriguez and Anastasia Gonzalez c. John Thomas Ritter IV, bodily injury / car damage

2021-2057-CCL2 Latasha James et al. v. Luis Hernandez Vasquez, bodily injury / automobile damage

2021-2059-CCL2 US Bank National Association v. Janice E. Tankersley-Wedin and Jan Hildreth Teel, lien foreclosure

2021-2074-CCL2 US Bank National Association v. Julie Williams and Jonathan Williams, breach of contract

2021-2076-CCL2 Barbara Baucum, Carlton Harmonson, et al. v. Daniel Pierce III, lawsuit to remove the title cloud