Lauren Mingee, Founder and CEO of Quintessa Marketing, an exclusive interview with DotCom magazine

The Game Changers edition of DotCom magazine

DotCom Magazine's Exclusive Entrepreneur Spotlight Series

DotCom Magazine’s Exclusive Entrepreneur Spotlight Series

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The PR issue of DotCom magazine

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The Power of Zoom Interview Issue

Lauren Mingee, Founder and CEO of Quintessa Marketing, Joins Other Leaders, Pioneers and Thought Leaders Interviewed for Popular DotCom Magazine

Lauren Mingee and Quintessa Marketing provide highly qualified leads to personal injury lawyers in volume. What an amazing interview with an amazing entrepreneur!

—Andy Jacob

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, Sept. 21, 2022 / — Andy “Jake” Jacob, CEO of DotCom Magazine, interviews Lauren Mingee, Founder and CEO of Quintessa Marketing for the magazine’s Entrepreneur Spotlight TV series, which is featured on The Binge Networks TV channel, as featured on Apple TV, Amazon TV, Sony, ROKU, Samsung, LG and many more. Lauren Mingee joins other executives selected by the DotCom Magazine editorial team to be interviewed on the trending show.

ABOUT Quintessa Marketing

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Quintessa specializes in giving personal injury law firms a competitive edge in advertising. While the marketplace is crowded with Google, it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing spend with no guaranteed return on investment. Some big companies come into a new market ready to spend a million with no guaranteed return on investment, which we think is ridiculous. We give you highly qualified leads who sign with you.

Whether you’re new to PI or have tried every lead generation company, we know what works and what doesn’t. We advertise on almost all forms of media and send more than a lead to your business. We have our own highly trained Intake Department which acts as an appendage to your law firm to assist you in obtaining information on potential clients to qualify them as a viable client. If they meet the qualifications, we include them on your mandate contract so that you can also save on your investigation costs.

Lauren Mingee joins other top CEOs, founders and thought leaders who have appeared on this informative and popular interview show. In the interview with Andy Jacob, Lauren Mingee discusses Quintessa Marketing’s latest offerings, what sets the company apart from other companies, and shares her thoughts on leadership and entrepreneurship. Lauren Mingee joins other leaders building strong and compelling businesses who have been invited to participate in the exclusive series

Andy Jacob, CEO of DotCom Magazine, said, “Lauren Mingee’s interview was amazing. The success of Quintessa Marketing is a true testament to their team and employees. It was a real honor to have Lauren Mingee in the video series.

Andy Jacob says, “DotCom Magazine’s goal is to provide the best that entrepreneurship has to offer. We have interviewed many of the world’s leading entrepreneurs in their respective fields. It takes incredible leadership to build a business like Quintessa Marketing. There are so many powerful and talented entrepreneurs around the world, and I’m extremely lucky to interview the best of the best. I always come back humbled by the number of talented people who build amazing businesses. As we travel the world looking for great entrepreneurs and businesses, it’s always a wonderful experience to meet leaders like Lauren Mingee who are blazing an incredible path for others. At DotCom Magazine, we believe that entrepreneurs are the heart of the world. We believe this is a world where risk takers are to be praised, saluted and respected. Successful entrepreneurs get up every morning and put in incredible effort. We salute the business leaders of this world like Lauren Mingee.”


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Lauren Mingee, Founder and CEO of Quintessa Marketing, an interview with DotCom magazine