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GOVERNMENT ministries can import operational motor vehicles, including single and double cab trucks, duty free if donated by development partners.

Context: According to the first list, part III of the tariff manual (Statutory Instrument 53 of 2017) (CONDITIONAL ENTRY OF SPECIFIED GOODS), motor vehicles of tariff 8702.10.11, 8702.90.11, 8704.21.20, 8704.21.40, 8704.31. 20, 8704.31.40 are not eligible for importation by government departments under a duty-free certificate.

What changes have been made?

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development amended the first list of the Tariff Manual, Part III by Regulatory Instrument 118 of 2021, including a provision authorizing the duty-free importation of operational motor vehicles, including single and double cab trucks, donated by development partners, as may be approved by the responsible secretary of the government ministry for use in that ministry.

What does this imply?

This implies that operational motor vehicles of tariffs 8702.10.11, 8702.90.11, 8704.21.20, 8704.21.40, 8704.31.20, 8704.31.40 can now be imported using a government duty-free certificate. if donated to a particular government department. by development partners, provided that this or these vehicle (s) are not transferred in such a way as to come into the possession or consumption of a person who does not have the right to import them duty-free., except with the consent of the Commissioner and on payment of duties at the rate payable in accordance with Part II of the Rate Manual on the date of disposition.

Who are the development partners?

Development partners include international aid organizations and other non-governmental organizations. COVID 19 is real. Always remember to disinfect yourself, wash your hands with soap and water. Be careful.
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