Saffron Extract – a good supplements?

Getting Saffron Extract to Work for You as You Lose Weight

More and more people are becoming conscious of their weight because the medical field is calling much attention to the problems that people have with weight gain. This is really because of the way we live our lives today. With the current society demanding more and more time from us, we often cut back on certain activities that we usually need to spend time on, such as food preparation. If in the past we would take time to prepare healthy meals, now we settle for fast food chains that rely on frying as the main method of cooking, and that just leads to the body creating more fat within our system as well.

Although there are a lot of pills and diets that are being offered to people right now, one of the more recent additions in what is called the saffron extract. This is not a new ingredient or chemical, since saffron has been a spice in India, used from the time the ancient civilization was just starting. However, its contribution to the weight loss industry is fairly new. It all is rooted in the body’s need of a chemical named serotonin.

Serotonin is a chemical needed for us to achieve a certain high. Whenever we feel depressed, our body identifies the feeling and calls for its manufacture. However, the ingredients need to be present, and one of the ingredients that are called for would be sugar. So when this happens, we start craving for sweet items. If they are not readily available, then we go for carbohydrates that would also be changed into sugar once it enters our system. So we do feel happy, but the exchange is that we also feel a bit heavier because of the excess energy that the body will store as fat.

Saffron extract helps the body lose weight by taking the place of sugar. So when the body needs serotonin, we do not crave for the sweet stuff anymore because the production of the chemical can already take place. We do not need to deal with the binge eating that everyone goes through during depression, and that takes care of the excess weight gain that we go through when we feel stressed. What we will need to do then is take care of whatever we already have, and just put that down to more acceptable levels.

The difficulty with the other diets and weight loss solutions is the fact that they are often very temporary. Of course they would show the drastic weight loss that most people would really rave about, but if it is one of those diets that involve detoxification, then the results could be somewhat misleading. Detoxification diets involve the cleaning of the digestive system, and that very cleaning means that a lot of items are flushed out along with a lot of water. Since we are composed of 80% water, we would have a lot of water to flush out. When that water returns though, then we would notice that the initial loss of ten or fifteen pounds would be reduced to a loss of perhaps just five or so pounds.

The real key to weight loss is the acceptance of the fact that we need to lose weight, and that we would have to change our lifestyle in order to achieve this. We control what we eat, we get rid of the excess and we live healthy. The saffron extract will help us control our emotions, make us happier and help us avoid the binge eating that we often try to avoid but end up doing anyway.


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