Amped Wireless Touchscreen WiFi Range Extender (TAP-EX)

As I am writing this article, I am at the comfort of my living room with my laptop with me. I am able to do this in the living room where my router is nearby. But, when I try to write this article somewhere far from the router, I start to have connection issues.

That is because my house is built with thick walls, which is one of the main culprits of low WiFi-signal reception. To eliminate this, I would need the help of a WiFi range extender.

Now, there are a lot of WiFi range extenders out there. Some of them sport a wall-plug design which takes up little space, and there are also some that have their own built-in touchscreens so you can set up the router directly on the unit.

Today, we are going to discuss the latter. I am going to be showing you a product that is one of the best wifi range extenders on the market. I am referring to the Amped Wireless Touchscreen WiFi Range Extender (TAP-EX).

To help us know more about the Amped Wireless Touchscreen WiFi Range Extender (TAP-EX), here are its features:

  • Universally compatible with any Wi-Fi router and delivers up to 10,000 sq. ft. of coverage, eliminating Wi-Fi dead spots.
  • Touch Screen setup completes in minutes, no computers or other devices needed.
  • Features high power amplifiers and antennas for maximum performance and range.
  • Compact & elegant design for discreet desktop or wall-mounted placement.
  • Modern digital clock display available when the screen is not in use.
  • Built with 2 Ethernet ports for bridging in PCs, game consoles etc, and 1 USB file sharing port.

Most other WiFi range extenders require a computer or laptop to set it up and running. But not the Amped Wireless Touchscreen WiFi Range Extender. All the setting up will be done on the router itself thanks to its fully capacitative touchscreen.

When the Amped Wireless Touchscreen WiFi Range Extender does its job of extending Wifi signals and its dormant at that (meaning you’re not touching any settings), it will display a clock showing the time. Think of it as the extender’s screensaver. I think it is actually pretty neat as it acts as a range extender and a clock at the same time.

The Amped Wireless Touchscreen WiFi Range Extender has two Ethernet LAN ports if you want to hook up gaming consoles or your laptops, for example.

The Wifi range extender also has 2 high gain antennas so it can effectively retransmit your current router’s signals even to the far reaches of your home or office. In fact, it can support distances of up to 10,000 sq. ft!

As far as the design goes, the Amped Wireless Touchscreen WiFi Range Extender sports a black and gray color scheme and it is minimalistic and small. Even though it doesn’t have a wall-plug design, this wifi range extender will take up only a small amount of space.

With great WiFi range extending capabilities, a fully capacitative touchscreen, 2 Ethernet LAN ports, and high gain antennas, the Amped Wireless Touchscreen WiFi Range Extender is a really good Wifi range extender. This product retails at $85.


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